David Clemmensen – Page 6 – Canvas Cultures

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David Clemmensen

For as long as I can remember I have been an artist.  My earliest memories of creating were with my brother back in the 90s.  He and I would find our favorite spot on the floor with homemade pillows my mom would make for us every year in front of a Van Damme movie.  As we would lay side by side on our bellies we would take to create epic drawings in our matching sketchbooks.  Our elbows would go numb from all the time spent on the floor.  Bellies to the carpet and pencils in hand. The creative landscape of choice was muscle bound self-created heroes shooting machine guns and fighting monsters.  I always looked up to my big brother as a man and as an artist.  I remember trying to emulate the kind of drawings he was effortlessly creating.  My sketchbook was usually covered in used eraser crumbs and his sketchbook was... well... not!  Over the years, my skills grew as an artist.  I branched out into many different mediums including sculpture, plaster and wood carving, engraving, clothing and jewelry design, guitar, piano and singing, and of course graphic design.

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