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5 Gift Ideas for Artists

5 Gift Ideas for Artists

Kaige Killian -

It can often be difficult to find gifts for artists. These people tend to be very inward-focused and usually are the type of person that can and will create or fabricate anything that they need. This thriftiness and spartan attitude can be helpful in a lot of areas, but one place where it isn’t helpful is in finding gifts for them. Since they live in a world where they seem to already have everything they need, knowing what to give them can be a struggle for almost anyone, no matter how close they are to them. 

If you’re looking for a gift for an artist, the best place to start is with what they’re passionate about. Art of any kind is usually the thing that gives them the most energy and excitement in life. Therefore, it can follow that the odds are good that they would love to receive gifts that relate to their hobbies. 

Sometimes, people gift tools and materials to artists. This seems to make sense because a lot of artists have to consistently spend lots of money to try and sustain themselves and their art careers. Buying materials and tools is often a very large expense that many artists have to go through, so it makes sense that many artists would appreciate those things as gifts. However, many artists are very particular about the sort of materials and tools they use, as their familiarity with a specific product can be a very important part of their style. Even if it seems like a great idea on paper, it might not be the best plan in execution. 

So what’s another type of gift that could potentially be extremely exciting and thrilling to an artist? Obviously, art itself! Many artists, even those that follow different artistic disciplines, have a passion for aesthetics and visual beauty. Giving any kind of artist something that they could hang in their room or home would be an incredible gift that often keeps on giving over the years. Here are a few examples of incredible art pieces created by independent artists on Canvas Cultures that might be an artist’s new favorite piece and surely the crowning jewel of any location where the piece ends up. 

1. Manic Sea, by Jarod Farver

Manic Sea is an excellent example of incredibly beautiful and high-quality abstract art. Abstract art is an art style born in the concepts of shape, texture, exciting colors, and synesthesia. Many artists are incredibly attracted to the very conceptual and transient nature of high-quality abstract art. It speaks to the depth and emotion that the very basics of all kinds of design features can bring to people. Countless musicians, writers, and poets find massive amounts of inspiration and excitement within many pieces of abstract. 

It may not make perfect sense to many people why abstract art is so popular. After all, it might just seem like a collection of smudges, vibrant colors, and ill-defined shapes. But this rawness and occasional technical imperfection is part of what makes abstract art so appealing to so many people. Artists especially look at these pictures and can find huge amounts of meaning within them. 

This piece by Jarod Farver is an excellent example of abstract art done right. It is vibrant, wild, and enthralling to look at. No matter that artist’s discipline, they will likely find massive amounts of joy and inspiration within this canvas print. Check it out on our website today; it might just end up being the most exciting canvas in the world to an artist. 

2. The Moon, by Shelly Bombshell

Many artists tend to be night owls. Their artistic drives can push them to work late into the night on their projects, giving them a high level of acquaintance with the night sky’s biggest feature. There are many songs and art pieces that feature that glorious ball of white rock in the sky. This is largely due to the fact that the moon is one of the most beautiful parts of the sky, whether it’s day or night. 

This depiction of the moon by Shelly Bombshell is an incredible depiction of this celestial giant. It gives the moon an intimacy and level of detail that many artists understand deeply. This picture shows the moon over a giant body of water. It’s an incredible representation that shows the full glory of the moon in a way that many more accurate photographs never can. It’s a gorgeous art creation that truly shows how beautiful the moon really is. Almost any artist is sure to love and treasure this canvas, and it is sure to have a forefront and beloved place in the dwelling of any creative. 

3. Jazz, by Bart Cooper

Music is a massively important part of almost any artist’s life. Even if they aren’t musicians, countless artists find huge amounts of creative inspiration and excitement within the magic that music innately has. It’s an art form that is incredibly diverse, reaching from the simplest and most basic art to even the most dynamic and complex songs and albums. Music impacts billions of people all over the world every day, and artists are often so of the most impacted people of them all. 

In the great and diverse world of music, the genre that is said to be the most complex and exciting is jazz. It’s based on improvisation, beautifully complex arrangements, and years of practice and experimentation to create the most beautiful pieces. This depiction of jazz in a painting by Bart Cooper truly accentuates and helps to visualize all the beauty and depth that comes along with this genre. It can be massively difficult to accurately represent all the genius that occurs within this art form, but this piece can serve to inspire any musician or artist. 

4. Mountain Top, by Shelly Bombshell

Being an artist can often be a long, hard, discouraging journey. Many artists are driven perfectionists, and this can lead them to often being dissatisfied with their work. This can lead to burnout, frustration, and disappointment in their lives. Artists often run out of inspiration and drive as projects carry on, and they often need reminders that what they are doing is worthy of their time, energy, and commitment. 

This illustration by brilliant artist Shelly Bombshell is an incredible example of a motivational canvas. This is a piece of wisdom that artists can take with them wherever they go and in any art project they take on. It can be super easy to just get overwhelmed with the frustration of art, but understanding and being reminded of the truth that the valley is just as important as the mountain top is massively important. This illustration can be something that helps artists to remember to keep on pushing forward and fighting the good fight. 

5. A Custom Canvas

Often, the pieces that are nearest and dearest to an artist’s heart are the ones that they’ve made. These are pieces that they’ve poured their heart and soul into and are the pieces that they know better than any other in the entire world. Often, these are the pieces that will go out into the world and might not come back, because they are sold, distributed, or even placed in museums if the artist is lucky. Letting an art piece go can be like letting a child go out into the rest of their lives; it’s exciting but also bittersweet. 

So it can be a very encouraging and sweet thing to get an artist a high-quality canvas print of their own work! Many artists long to see their pieces represented in the highest quality, and so having their pieces recreated in a way that many other people will see them is something that can bring massive amounts of joy to an artist. 

At Canvas Cultures, anyone can create their own custom prints of whatever they’d like. If you have an artist friend who needs a reminder of their own work that will last a lifetime, check out our custom canvas creator! This could be the most encouraging and beneficial gift an artist could ever receive. 


Artists love gifts just as much as anyone else. Even if they’re hard to pick out gifts for, they still truly love to receive things that will matter to them. Here at Canvas Cultures, we know that first hand and would love to provide you with any kind of canvas print-based art gift that an artist might love. Check out our website; there may be something special out there for any of the artists in your life. Next time the holiday season or a birthday rolls around, be sure to check out Canvas Cultures



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