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Canvas Culture's story is unique in the sense that it came to be by pure coincidence. While traveling through the Amazon jungles, Joey, discovered and fell in love with the Shipibo culture, the people and their art. It was through this experience that inspired Joey to create a platform that would help support artists, regardless of circumstances, create income from their art by connecting their designs online to the mainstream masses.

Upon returning home from the jungle, Joey attended a friend’s mastermind event in Las Vegas, NV. It was here he bumped into his friend and colleague Joshua Tatum. Joshua, a successful entrepreneur at the time owned and operated an advertising agency specializing in Facebook and Instagram advertising. Unbeknownst to Joey at the time Joshua had just completed taking an online art brand from doing 4 figures in monthly sales revenue to the high six figures in just under 60 days. It was through this experience that opened up Joshua’s eyes to what was missing in the online art world, a vehicle that connects artists and their designs to the mainstream public.