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Meet The Artist: Ross Baines

Meet The Artist: Ross Baines

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How Long Have You Been Creating Art? 

I've loved drawing and painting since I could walk, and have been creating art professionally for just over ten years.

What got you interested in art?

When I was a kid, I would spend hours watching cartoons on TV, pausing the video (as it was back then!), and drawing the characters and scenes.  My parents always encouraged my hobbies, and it grew from there.

What types of art do you usually create?

Most of my work is portraits in acrylics, but I occasionally play around with abstracts and other cool stuff that grabs my attention.  I do a lot of commission work, so that often throws up interesting projects and inspires new ideas.

When did you realise that this was your calling?

Around thirteen years ago, I started selling the occasional canvas painting alongside my day job.  Things grew slowly from there until around five years ago when, after sustaining a neck injury and being immobilised for a few days, I started dabbling with Twitter and posted some of my work on there. I got a great response, and before I knew it, things had exploded, and it became my full-time career.

What artists/things inspire you?

I am a huge MMA fan, as anyone that follows me will know, and have probably created more MMA paintings than any other genre.  I have also been lucky enough to create original work for many top fighters, even getting to meet Jorge Masvidal and a whole bunch of my favourite fighters when I was commissioned to paint a huge wall mural at the American Top Team gym in Florida. Before things really took off for me, I used to follow quite a few boxing/sports artists, and this definitely inspired me to dip my toes in that world.

How has working with Canvas Cultures impacted you?

In all the right ways. I've grown my following, and it provides me with a decent second income, allowing me more time and freedom to concentrate on what I love doing.  The company is awesome to work with, and we have a great proactive and personal business relationship.

What advice would you give to struggling artists?

Get your work online, shout about it, encourage people to share it, and if people take to it, the rest should take care of itself.  I've also invested crazy amounts of time in improving my skills and developing my style.  People love seeing the creative process, so sharing half-finished work and time lapse videos always goes down well.

What are your goals for your art in the future?

The plan is to get bigger, better, and bolder with every year that passes, never forgetting how lucky I am to be able to pay the bills doing something I truly love.