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Video Game Art for Gamers

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For some people, video games aren’t just a pastime; they’re a lifestyle. So many video games in the past several decades have built up massive, truly dedicated followings. Their fan bases are full of dedicated people who’ve been playing games ever since they were kids and have spent the majority of their life getting excited about their favorite franchises, on their own, or in massive communities. 

Needless to say, there are countless people in the world who would love having incredible, high-quality illustrations of their favorite video games, consoles, and the worlds and characters that live within. Many of the contributing artists with Canvas Cultures have a massive love for video games as well, and have contributed to our selection of video game-oriented canvases here on the website! 

What Is Canvas Cultures?

Before we look at a handful of the many video game-based canvases on our website, let’s take a quick look at who we are at Canvas Cultures as a whole!  

The foundation of our identity and vision is that we strive to support and empower gifted artists. Our platform is designed to provide artists with a place where they can upload their work and have us handle all the business operations. That way, they can be free to worry about nothing except their passion, which is creating gorgeous artwork! 

As for the business and manufacturing end of Canvas Cultures, we keep as much of it in-house as possible. This helps us to have the highest quality possible but still keep our prices as low as possible, so we can give as many proceeds to our artists as possible while retaining the highest quality available! Every canvas that we produce is made with state-of-the-art techniques and the highest quality materials so that all the art will last both the test of time and wow the most detailed critics! 

All of these pieces are created by incredibly skilled independent artists who have real passions for the work they create! We love, more than anything else, to be able to bring the art of all of these talented artists into your house, so let’s move on to the artwork itself! 

The Nineties, by Robert Jacobs

In the world of video games, there are few consoles and eras in game history as iconic and legendary as the Nintendo Entertainment System era, from 1985 to 1993. This console and its games characterized much of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. This is the way that many people got into home video games for the first time and met different franchises and characters that they would continue to love for the rest of their lives. There are few game consoles that will ever be as iconic and influential as the NES, and this iconic piece reflects that. 

When it comes to external peripherals and controllers for game consoles, there are almost none that are as recognizable and aesthetically pleasing as the controller for the NES. Its basic, blocky design and its simple controls are still burnt into the memories of all the people who used them in their childhood. Even for people born long after the NES era, the iconic design is still associated with the beginning of home video games as we know them today! 

Peek a Boo, by Brian Garcia

Who doesn’t love the Mario franchise? Anyone who has played a video game in their life has probably played a game or two with him as the star. Even if they haven’t, Mario is an iconic enough part of modern culture that virtually everyone can recognize his iconic red outfit, white gloves, and joyful “Wahoo!” His memorable and almost legendary status as a video game character has catapulted him outside of his own medium and so far into the world that a survey found that he was more recognizable to American children than Mickey Mouse. That’s a pretty huge level of fame! 

Almost as iconic as Mario himself, the enemies from his games get to share in a little bit of the spotlight. Of those enemies, the simply named “Boo,” is one the most memorable and iconic of all the Mario villains. Evading and surviving these characters is one of every Mario player’s favorite pastimes, and for anyone involved in video games, having a poster of one of the most common enemies in all video games would surely be a thing to behold! 

Wild Adventure, by Vincent Trinidad

The Zelda franchise is another one of Nintendo’s most popular and beloved franchises. The first game was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the beginning of 1986 and has been going strong for over thirty years at this point! The franchise has overgone many different styles of games, universes, and consoles, and all these years later, the Zelda franchise is one of the most fiercely beloved and cherished franchises of all time. There are thousands of fans in every country, and it will remain a strong force in gaming for decades to come. 

This poster celebrates one of the most exciting and honored games in the series, Breath of the Wild. It holds the main protagonist in the foreground, surrounded by the foreshadowing of the princess, as well as the darkness of the main antagonist. This is a beautifully artful rendition and honoring of one of the best games in the series, and if you or anyone you know has a serious passion for Zelda or Breath of the Wild, this art piece would be an incredible gift to have! 

Gold Gaming, by Liam J

One of the most universally acclaimed video game controllers is the Xbox One’s controller. Almost everyone who has used one can sing its praises due to its highly ergonomic design, classy and clean looks, and virtually flawless feel. There aren’t many other controllers, no matter the price, that can really go head to head with Microsoft’s iconic and highly functional design. Most controllers that are produced these days are just attempts at recreating the magic that this controller has captured. 

This art piece has an image of that controller colored in gold, clearly to show the quality and class of this controller that is held in such high esteem by virtually anyone who’s played with it. 

Gamer for Life, by Shelly Bombshell

The Nintendo Game Boy is the quintessential handheld console. There are incredible features that went into the design of this gaming system, especially considering the fact that it was released by Nintendo in 1989. 

This console was a favorite among kids because it took the concept of household gaming onto the road. No longer did you need to be at home to play your favorite games; you could do it on the bus, at school, in the store, and virtually anywhere else. A Game Boy was even taken to space! The ‘90s would have never been the same without the influence of the Game Boy on popular culture. 

If you or anyone you know was a gamer were there when the original Game Boy was in its heyday, this canvas print by artist Shelly Bombshell is likely to give any gamer a massive amount of inspiration and joy! 


Video games can be one of the most impactful parts of people’s lives. The stories, cultures, and communities that have been built up around video games have proven to be incredibly important to fans all over the world. Video games bring people together in ways that may be unexpected, but it should come as no surprise that these computerized adventures are life-changing moments for countless people. 

If you’re looking for something to spice up your (or anyone else’s) gaming zone, look no further than the Video Game collection of canvases at Canvas Cultures! 



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