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How to Turn Your Wedding Photos Into Home Decor

How to Turn Your Wedding Photos Into Home Decor

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Your wedding is, without a doubt, one of the most important days of your life. For the rest of your life, you’re going to be telling stories of that day, reliving it in your mind, and dreaming of the moments surrounding when you said, “I do.” So it goes without saying that you’re going to want to put considerable effort into creating the best wedding photos possible and displaying them in the best way possible! 

Luckily, at Canvas Cultures, our profession and specialty are making sure that your memories and most important moments are immortalized for you to see for the rest of your life. There are countless ways that you can go about displaying your wedding photos, but we have a few suggestions to make sure that your best day looks as beautiful and vibrant as possible! Here are a few guidelines to help you maximize your memories, enhance your daydreams, and flaunt your most important moments! 

Color Grading

Almost any photograph, whether it’s shot on a smartphone, a polaroid, or a camera that costs more than your car, can use some high-quality color correction. What is color grading, you might ask? 

Well, to dispense with a common misconception, color grading is not the same thing as color correction. Color correction is taking an individual photo and altering the exposure, white balance, noise levels, and other factors to create an idealized version of the photo. Many professional artists do this with the pictures they take, but not all. If you’re outsourcing your photography to an outside photographer, check to see what their policy on color correction is. 

Color grading, on the other hand, is focused on the purely aesthetic aspect of not just the single photo but the whole collection of pictures. Fundamentally, it is the process of taking several unique photos and tying them together in a cohesive way. It is the intentional and deliberate process of looking through all of the best photos taken in that particular event (i.e., your wedding) and making sure the colors of the photos all work together. It’s less focused on fixing things and more based on altering pictures to make sure they all look like they belong together! 

This doesn’t mean that the colors and photos will all look the same, it just means that they will look good next to each other, and the colors will add to the overall feeling and quality of the collection you create. It’s really important to get your photos color graded because the better that the individual pictures work with each other, the more complete and beautiful your wedding photos will be! It’s a smaller detail, but it’s a big step in taking the pictures from just looking good to looking gorgeously well put together. 

For example, look at this collection of canvases we have in the bundle section of our website. They aren’t all the same colors, but because they were color graded, these three pictures by the artist Zenja all work together in an absolutely beautiful and cohesive way. 

You can color grade your photos by purchasing and using software, or even outsourcing to someone else that you know is very passionate about photography and color, or even a professional photographer. Just find the way that suits you and your purposes the best, and color grade those photos! 

Using Personalized Canvases

Here at Canvas Cultures, our main goal is to help give people the best and most beautiful art that we can. And for your wedding photography, we strive to create the perfect canvases for your special moments! Our collective years of experience and professionalism in the industry of creating beautifully designed and built canvases lend greatly to making sure that your dream decorations become a reality! 

The first place to stop on our website after this post is the Personalized Canvas page! Here, you can choose from tons of different sizes and whether or not you want a frame, then just upload your artwork or photography, and you’re well on your way to creating the most beautiful and perfect canvas for your home! 

Our professionally made canvases start at 12 by 16 inches and go all the way up to a huge 36 by 48 inches. We have all the most popular sizes, so there’s something for everyone’s decorative dream. You can choose from both a clean, classic border or a sleek and professional-looking black border. 

And every canvas is printed on some of the highest quality artist-grade canvas. Each canvas is treated with UV light protection, which helps fight against fading colors and cracking finishes. Each canvas comes with countless more added features, such as bow-resistant sustainable wood, a gallery-quality frame, pre-installed hanging hardware, and pre-installed rubber bumpers that will protect both your canvas and your wall.

Our goal is to empower artists all around the world, and that means that we want to enable and empower you to achieve your dream decorations for your home! 

Consider Different Decoration Styles

Every person’s design aesthetic for their home is different. However, there are definitely some patterns in design that have shown up in a lot of homes, solely because they look so good. Here are a couple of different ways that you can display your wedding photos in a way that’s exciting, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing! 

Multiple Smaller Canvases Together

One interesting thing that you can do with a collection of your favorite photos from your wedding is to make a sort of collage of canvases. This is always a great way to display a number of pictures together because it enables you to put them all on a wall together, resulting in an incredibly cohesive and fresh result! 

The concept behind it is choosing a simple pattern, like a four by four grid, a “T” shape, or even an “X” shaped design, and then arranged several smaller canvases in that shape. This allows people to see a handful of different shots in a single cohesive piece, as well as flaunting your impeccable design skills! It’s sure to turn heads, no matter if your visitors have only seen it once or if you get the joy of looking at it every day. 

Black and White

Everyone loves a good black and white photo! They differ from regular color photos in countless ways, some of them even more subconscious than you might expect. Black and white photos are all about contrast, and a well-composed shot will bring attention and focus to the subjects, while putting the rest of the photograph in the focal background in a really beautiful way. 

This is an idea to think about with whoever is doing your color grading, be it yourself or someone else. It tends to be a fairly simple process to go over, but it still takes a little practice and know-how to really get right. But once it’s done right, it will likely be on the canvases you can’t take your eyes off! 

Another massive benefit of black and white photos is that it’s much easier to take a photo that isn’t well composed with light or exposure and turn it black and white than it is to spend hours trying to get it right in color. If you ever have a photo that you just can’t take your eyes off of, but it just doesn’t seem right because of the colors inside of the photo, consider turning it black and white! You’ll likely like it even better after the fact. 

A Wall of Canvases

There are few things as glorious as a wall of vibrant and gorgeous canvases. You definitely don’t need to fully cover the wall with canvas photographs; that’s a lot of work! But putting anywhere from three to five cohesively beautiful canvases on a wall can entirely transform the feeling and focus of a room for the best. It can be even better if you make the canvases all different sizes, so they fit together like gorgeous, nostalgic, beautiful puzzle pieces! Once you have a few of your favorite pieces on the wall, you can start referring to that wall as your own personal gallery! 


Your wedding day will always be one of the most memorable and important moments in your life. As such, displaying your best memories from that day is super important, not only to you, but to us! We want you to find joy in the nostalgia and memories that come from that day! Following these basic guidelines can help you achieve your goal of having the most beautiful and meaningful home decorations possible. 

Don’t forget to take a look at our Personalized Canvases, and we’re excited to see what incredible and inspiring designs and ideas you come up with! 



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