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How to Choose Art For Your Home

How to Choose Art For Your Home

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Often, the first step to a home that lives and breathes elegance and character is to fill it with art. Having high-quality art pieces around the house is something that will give your living space more color, vibrancy, and life. Even just having art in your home that you look at frequently has been proven to increase your mental health and brain function. Clearly, there are tons of upsides to having art in your house, and the only downside is that you need to find exactly which art appeals to you. 

Visual art is one of the most wide ranged art genres, and it is chock full of different genres. There is abstract art, natural art, landscape photography, portraits, and a million other different genres. And within every genre, there are tons of different artists and styles of art to look at. It becomes nearly impossible to find the art that will most clearly appeal to you. But it is doable! Here are a few different places to start when looking for art that will enhance your home and living spaces. 

Abstract Art

The abstract and modern art movement is a genre of visual art that is often confusing to many people, yet it holds a massive amount of creative depth and creativity. With a little bit of delving into the style and meanings behind this incredible art form, anyone can appreciate all the colors and shapes that go into abstract art. 

An important aspect of abstract art to understand is the concept of synesthesia. It’s a mental condition that some people have, most of those people being artists. It’s the relation of different senses together, forming a connection between different sensory experiences. For example, when some people hear specific sounds or feel certain textures, they can see or correlate different colors and shapes. It’s a fairly uncommon condition in the brain, but it’s more commonly found in artists, especially ones that create more textural and abstract art, like Vincent Van Gogh and Wassily Kandinsky.

Those specific people are often known for their pieces that focus more on conceptual shapes, vibrant colors, and artistic feeling than definition and clarity. Once you learn to see the beauty that lives inside of the artistic chaos, abstract art can become one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s an interesting art movement and one that can add a lot of color and excitement to any home’s walls. 

For a few examples of high-quality abstract art that you can buy, check out the Abstract Art Selection of canvases on our website, made by the best independent artists that we can find! 

Nature Art

If you think about it, the opposite of the outdoors is a house. It’s meant to protect against the outside environment and can often be the place of comfort that keeps us from going outside into the world. Because of that, it can be nourishing to the mind to have artwork around the house that glorifies and displays nature and its inhabitants at their best. 

Good nature art can be found in many genres, from landscape art, animal art, nature photography, and countless other styles. The great thing about nature is that it is one of the most diverse things in the universe, and there are countless subjects to have nature artwork of. So no matter what your particular fancy might be in nature, there are sure to be some artists who have similar interests and passions in creation. So look around, and you’ll find something you love! 

A few prime examples of nature art from our website can be found in the Nature and Wildlife section of our website. For a more natural and raw piece of art, this incredibly detailed piece of a lion is a great choice. If you’re looking for a more clear photograph, this gorgeous deer signifying the passing of seasons is an incredible piece that can find a home on any art lover’s walls. 

If you’re looking for a more understated and monochrome piece to populate your home, this black and white picture of trees is sure to inspire and grow a healthy state of mind in your home. There are countless other designs on our website, so feel free to browse through the different independently designed pieces to your heart’s content. 

Sports Art

For the sports lover’s house, there are few things that would work better than illustrations of their favorite sports and players. Over the years, many athletes in different sports have made a huge impact on their own sport, as well as the general culture of the world. Competition has been a part of humanity since as far back as history goes, and with every competition comes the people who grow to become champions. 

One of the best ways to stay motivated to become the best is to keep the goal in sight in a very visceral and physical way. Sometimes that means putting sticky notes with motivating notes all around your house, but to others, it means getting art pieces of your sports idols all up around you where you live. Being able to see the people that give you the most inspiration and hope for your athletic future is an incredible way to boost your self-esteem and drive to keep on being the best. 

Here at Canvas Cultures, we have a wide variety of sports designs and illustrations. Our independent artists are fans of virtually any sport under the sun, be it basketball, baseball, boxing, pool, football, or pretty much anything else.

Just check out our sports selection, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect art piece for any sports lover’s home. And if you have a photo of yourself at your best to remind you of your own athletic achievements, you can get a custom-made canvas at the Personalized Canvas section of our website. 

Food Art

Your home is probably the top place that you make and consume food. It’s a part of everyone’s life and probably one of the best and most important parts of your day. Even if you aren’t a foodie, giving yourself some reminders that food is one of the most important aspects of life is a great gift to give yourself. Some people just eat to live, but decorating your walls with reminders that it’s okay to eat to live is one of the best things you can do for your home’s decorations. 

Having some well-designed decorations of the food that you most love to eat can liven up any place where you eat and give it some additional spice and color. With our independently designed art pieces at Canvas Cultures, we have several options that will help you to bring culinary excitement into your home, no matter where you put it. 

If you want to check out our whole selection of art, check out our Food and Beverage section on our website. Some of our top sellers include this illustration of empty Coke bottles, which are some of the most iconic designed beverage containers on Earth and will be sure to impart an elegant and classy vibe to your eating spaces. If you’re a fan of ramen, this illustration of the Great Wave combining with ramen is sure to add a lot of vibrancy to your living and dining experience. 

And if you want to live in a world where you can see a picture of everyone’s true love, pizza, check out this incredible illustration of that savory pepperoni-laden dish. There are many more options available on our site, so feel free to browse through them! 

Custom Made Art

If you fancy yourself an artist or just want to put up a picture that means a lot to you, feel free to look at our Personalized Canvas page on our website. You can easily upload your own art, photographs, or designs to our site and quickly and efficiently have a professionally-made canvas made for you to your own specifications. It’s a great way to add uniqueness and your own personal style and touch to your home and is sure to attract a lot of positive attention from anyone who ventures in your doors. 


When it comes down to it, everyone has their own taste in art. But while art is a subjective thing, the fact that art gives people tons of benefits is unilaterally true. Putting art in your direct living sphere is something that will pay back to you in dividends that you will continue to see over the years. Our art is made to stand up to the test of time, so check out the different selections that we have. There’s sure to be something that will fit in your home, making it even warmer and inviting to you and your family than ever before! 



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