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5 Fun Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

5 Fun Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

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The kitchen is the centerpiece of almost any food lover’s house. It’s where all the excitement of creating food comes from, as well as the joy of eating it. Most people spend a good portion of their day in the kitchen, making the food that makes them happiest. The average person spends anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes out of every day in the kitchen, making food. So it makes perfect sense to decorate that home space with artwork that will encourage and inspire the creator of the food, whether you’re making a culinary masterpiece or warming up its leftovers the day after.  

Almost every person has a different aesthetic that they’re going for in their kitchen. Whether you love a clean and bright kitchen, a rustic and warm place to make your meals, or someplace to remind you of the world outside your kitchen, Canvas Cultures has beautifully designed artwork to appease anyone’s tastes. Here are a few selections from our curated collection of independently created artwork that you can buy on our website. 

1. Empty Coke Bottles, by Bart Cooper

There are few more iconic pieces of commercial art than the bottle for the classic soda, Coca-Cola. The smoothly curved glass bottle is iconically planted deep in almost every person’s consciousness, and virtually everyone has emptied their fair share of bottles. There’s a special sense of prestige and elegance that lives inside and outside the Coke bottle, to the point that even if they’re really just glass jars full of translucent brown liquid, anyone can feel like royalty when drinking the world’s most popular beverage

In honor of this iconic drink, the brilliant artist Bart Cooper has created an incredible illustration of these bottles. His expert understanding of pop culture and aesthetic went into creating this piece, and it has tons of character and beauty. His pieces are commonly found on this Canvas Cultures, with several examples all across many genres of art and aesthetic. 

If you’re the kind of person who loves classy images combined with modern and contemporary sensibilities, make sure to check out this design on our site, as well as the many others that Bart Cooper has created. The gorgeously understated yet luxurious stylings of this piece of art will be sure to add tons of life and color to your kitchen. 

Great Ramen Wave, by Vincent Trinidad

Ramen is one of the most legendary foods in the world. To some, ramen is all about nostalgia and good memories due to the abundance of low-cost ways to consume the delicious noodles. To others, Ramen is one of the most exciting and versatile foods out there. Either way, ramen noodles are one of the most familiar and iconic meals in the world, whether you’re a poor college student or someone who’s looking for the best meal they can get. 

The iconic noodles have a long and storied history, originating in Eastern Asia and slowly making their way all over the world (and into nearly everyone’s kitchens). Ramen is well-known and is universally championed by virtually everyone, whether rich or poor. Ramen noodles are for everyone, and everyone is for ramen. 

This incredible design by the independent artist Vincent Trinidad combines the stylings of renowned and beloved Japanese drawings with the delicious beauty of Ramen noodles. It shows the famous and well loved foods in the world combining with one of the most beloved paintings in the world and becoming one incredibly designed and beautiful piece of art. Whether your taste in ramen is inexpensive or luxurious, this canvas is sure to bring some amazing feel and character to your kitchen! 

True Love, by Robert Jacobs

Pizza. The most beloved food in the world, by some people’s estimations. It’s the food that never fails and will always be there for you when you need it most. Some people like it as hot as possible, while others prefer it cold for breakfast the next day. It’s arguably the most versatile food in the world and the most variable. Almost everyone has a unique selection of toppings they prefer, whether it’s meat lovers, pineapple and pepperoni, or cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Pizza is one of the most beloved and revered foods in the world. 

More than just being a great food to order in a pinch, pizza is one of the greatest foods to make on your own. It’s a fairly simple recipe, where all the magic comes together through the uniqueness of the maker. No pizza will be exactly the same twice: the ingredients will fall in different places, there’ll be a little extra cheese, and the slices might be slightly different sizes. But rather than being mistakes, these peculiarities are what makes pizza so special. 

This canvas design on our website by the massively talented artist Robert Jacobs is a testament to the legendary legacy that pizza has. The concept of true love is well represented by this photo. It’s a pepperoni pizza—perhaps the most classic and recognizable topping that pizza is known for. 

And the concept of true love is well displayed through pizza; it’s always there for you, it’ll always satisfy the cravings you have, and it’s always going to be just what you need. This illustration of real true love can fit well in any kitchen, large or small. 

Blue Lagoon, by Jarod Farver

Abstract art is one of the centerpieces of luxury. It shows a high sense of taste and understanding of beauty and can help serve as an inspiration to people who understand the purposes and meaning behind abstract art. 

A fascinating way that abstract art and food can link is through synesthesia, a phenomenon that occurs in some people’s brains. It’s the linkage between different senses, which means that when some people experience a sense like taste or touch, they also experience a linked sensation of sight or sound. There are infinite possibilities to how they might experience the different sensations, but when it comes to eating, there are some people in the world who might experience abstract colors as they experience food. 

This particular piece by brilliant artist Jacob Farver is an excellent example of modern abstract art. The way that they structured the colors, shapes, and textures of the art piece shows a true mastery of the medium, and shows how a well-made abstract piece of art can truly change the feeling of a room. The brilliant shades of blue and white throughout this piece can bring endless amounts of color and vitality to anyone’s kitchen, so check it out and think about how it could fit in yours. 

Food Definition, by Robert Jacobs

Even though everyone knows what food is, sometimes it fits the aesthetic of the room to remind yourself as you’re making it. If you think about it, food is really one of the most complex and variable things in the world, and so reminding yourself what it really is as you’re making it could only serve to help you. Not to mention the fact that food has a special way into almost every person’s soul in one way or another. 

While some people just eat to live, others live to eat. That’s a common mentality in the world, and it lives especially in the minds of those who love to create food for themselves and others. It’s the mindset of a truly passionate and driven chef, and it’s something that even the average home cook can take for themselves. 

This other incredible design by the brilliant artist and creator Robert Jacobs is a great way to remind yourself of the nearly magical and soul-changing qualities of good food. It’s something we all crave and long for, and the better the food is, the better our lives will be. Reminding yourself daily of the beautiful and enriching qualities of food is something that very well might change your life for the better. Check out this piece on our website, and see if it’ll fit in your kitchen! 


Your kitchen is like your castle. It’s where some of the most important parts of your day will happen, and it’s the place where the things that can often make or break your day are created. Decorating your kitchen will surely bring a lot of vibrance and excitement not only to your food but also to the rest of your life. 

Every chef and homeowner has a different aesthetic and feeling that they’re going for, but even amongst all the different styles out there, Canvas Cultures has something for everyone. Check out our wide range of independently created and designed canvases, and surely you’ll find something that will have a great impact on your kitchen’s feel, and hopefully on the rest of your life as well! 



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