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5 Movie Art Pieces Every Movie Enthusiast Will Love

5 Movie Art Pieces Every Movie Enthusiast Will Love

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Everyone likes a good movie. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the worlds that filmmakers create and invest in the massive lores and universes created. The masterful ways that films these days are created help people to really invest themselves into the worlds of every movie, from Star Wars to The Godfather

But of the many people that movies deeply appeal to, there are some whose love for movies goes beyond the normal. These are people who are dedicated to the worlds, stories, histories, and peculiarities of these movies. They’re the people that can likely name every actor in a film, every backstory for every character, and know every fact there is to know behind the production of the film. It’s these people who aren’t simply just fans of movies, but true enthusiasts. 

True movie enthusiasts live and breathe their favorite films, and for good reason. Movies are the combination of all kinds of different art forms, including music, video, storytelling, and chiefly, photography. The visual impact that films have on their viewers is part of what makes them so enticing and exciting. Here at Canvas Cultures, we have a wide selection of different canvases designed to pay homage to the best parts of films. Here are a couple of highlights from our website! 

1. Mr. Wick, by David Clemmenson

The John Wick movies are some of the most popular movies of the past couple of years. The incredible action sequences, the breathtaking storylines, and the fascinating characters are part of what makes this franchise so special. There aren’t many movies out there that can really execute a revenge story as excellently as these films, which has made for an incredibly dedicated and active fanbase. 

The first film, released in 2014, was a massive success. It was reviewed incredibly highly, did very well for itself in the box office, and spurred the creation of an entire series instead of just a single movie. Since then, the franchise has been at the forefront of modern filmmaking, still continuing to make waves and films in the world. There are few people who haven’t seen the films, and even fewer who don’t love them. 

This piece by artist David Clemmenson shows John Wick himself, knuckles bruised from yet another incredibly sequenced fight. This is how many people remember the story; the class and elegance behind Mr. Wick, but also the raw intensity behind the combat and action of the film. This specific design truly illustrates how the true character of John Wick, and shows him as most people like to remember him; a semblance of grace and elegance, filled with a desire for revenge and justice. 

2. Sweethearts, by Brian Garcia

Up has one of the most beloved love stories in modern film, and the whole story happens in just the first part of the film. Carl and Ellie meet as children, fall in love, and live happily for the majority of their lives. There are ups and downs, but no matter what, they stick together and love each other through the hardships. There are few movies with more heartwarming scenes or heart-wrenching moments than the first 30 minutes of Up

Released in 2009, Up has become one of the most popular and well-loved movies for families. Its brilliant and heartwarming storyline of heartbreak and redemption has found its way into hundreds of thousands of homes and showed millions of people what true love really looks like in the real world. The same filmmaking company that is synonymous with fantasy and mystical relationships showed people that sometimes true love doesn’t come in the form of true love’s kiss, but rather through commitment, dedication, and the sharing of one’s life. 

This illustration by brilliant artist Brian Garcia displays the true love of the main characters, Carl and Ellie, against the backdrop of balloons, which is a critical motif of the story. The relationship they have in the film is one of the most renowned and beloved in modern film, and it’s that love that the artist truly capitalized on in this illustration. This picture and its film are reminders that love doesn’t have to be fantastical to be true. 

3. The Gauntlet, by Robert Jacobs

Marvel films have exploded onto the popular film scene over the past several years. The incredibly massive universe that the stories draw from is one of the most beloved and iconic worlds in today’s modern science fiction genre. The film adaptations and expansions of the comics are acclaimed by many to be the most well done films in the history of comic universes. Though some more stingy and particular film critics might think the films aren’t as original as others, there’s no denying that Marvel films are some of the best in the world today. 

The current Marvel Cinematic Universe has been slowly developing and growing over the course of the past 20 or so years. There are tons of incredibly produced movies, all focusing on different characters and stories. Yet despite this massive variance of specific people and details, all of the movies fit together and fall into an order of events that is one of the most cohesive and deep storylines of all time. 

This fascinating illustration by the artist Robert Jacobs shows the singular item that is the culmination of almost 15 years of films: the Infinity Gauntlet. This is the item that has been sought after by hundreds of characters in the universe and has been the source of conflict for almost all of the films in the series. After all, the Infinity Gauntlet is the most powerful tool in the universe, so who wouldn’t want something with that much ability to shape their world? The battles, wins, and losses that take place in the war to get control of this device are what make the Marvel Cinematic Universe one of the most incredible film franchises in the modern world. 

4. There is Something Strange, by Vincent Trinidad

Stranger Things exploded onto the world’s Science Fiction world in 2016 and has since taken that world by storm. Set in a small town in 1980s Indiana, this show has sparked a resurgence for all things ‘80s, both within and outside the film world. The impact that this show has had on the film world at large keeps growing increasingly apparent. 

It’s not too often that a show fronted by kids can get so massive of a following by Science Fiction and horror lovers all the same, but Stranger Things did just that with excellence. The relatability, nostalgia, and humor of the show all came together to make one of the most memorable and beloved shows of the mid-2010s. Countless fans are still waiting on more seasons following these characters and their stories, waiting in eager anticipation for the next steps of the show. 

This awesome illustration by renowned artist Vincent Trinidad shows the four main characters of the show in full view of one of the main monsters in the show. They stand at the ready with their bikes and costumes, ready to face off against the horrors of the “Upside Down.” It’s a truly epic picture and one that will surely fit well into any movie lover’s room. 

5. Rocky Knowledge, by Ross Baines

The Rocky series of films is one of the most iconic and legendary movie franchises of all time. The story of a boxer making his way through the world is one that is inspiring to virtually anyone who watches the films, and is sure to be one that will speak to anyone fighting the world’s battles. Almost anyone who has seen these films is going to recall these movies as highlights among all the other films that they’ve seen. 

This inspiring piece by Ross Baines pays tribute to one of the most iconic characters in film history, Rocky Balboa, as well as one of the most inspirational and important quotes in movies. To any movie lover, this incredible art piece is sure to inspire greatness and perseverance in every aspect of their lives. This canvas can find a place of honor in any film enthusiast’s home! 


It’s sometimes difficult to find a perfect piece of art that will truly fit in a movie lover’s home space. So much of the draw of a film is the fact that it’s based on video, so it’s occasionally hard to find a still image that will capture the same intensity and beauty that goes into movies. However, many artists have taken it upon themselves to accomplish just that, and they have done it exceptionally well! 

If you or anyone you know is a true lover of movies, show them these incredible pieces, and you’ll surely make their day! Or alternatively, any of these high-quality canvases would make a truly incredible gift for any enthusiast’s birthday or as a gift around the holiday season. 

People’s lives are so often made better through the art that they surround themselves with, so for a true movie lover, these canvases would be sure to rock any of their worlds. Check out these canvases, as well as many others, in the film category of our website



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