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Find Your Inner Zen with These 3 Spiritual Art Canvases

Find Your Inner Zen with These 3 Spiritual Art Canvases

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Many people see the physical world as just an extension of the rest of the world that lies behind all of the matter that surrounds us. To these people, there is even more reality and depth in all the things that we can’t see. Even if it’s harder to feel, touch, hear, or see all that’s going on underneath, it’s still very easy to believe that it is there. You can feel this deeper, spiritual world in your soul, and that makes them just as real and true as anything else in the world. 

Often, for people who believe in a world beyond the one that we can sense, there is a drive for peace. The world can be a messy, difficult, and frustrating place. There are tons of different things that are fighting for our attention every day, and they are constantly winning the battle of stress versus peace. To combat this, many people turn to spirituality to find that peace that they so desperately crave. They look to the world beyond the one we see to find the answers and solutions that people so desperately need in their lives. 

There are many ways that these people seek to access that spirituality. People can do that through many different means, be it exercise, stretching, meditation, or any other form of stretching the mind beyond how it usually operates. These practices bring lots of peace and happiness to people and have all kinds of proven health benefits for not only the mind, but the body as well. No matter what you believe about the world, practicing meditation and mindfulness is something that can help anyone’s stress or mental health issues. 

Through all of these different ways to find inner peace, one of the best is through the medium of art. Countless people find lots of peace through different images and photographs that help them to think more clearly and be more in tune with their own psyche and mind. 

Here at Canvas Cultures, we have lots of pieces that can help people to make steps toward their own mental stability and inner peace. Surrounding yourself with beauty can only help the process along, and these pieces of art created by independent artists can help with those practices dramatically. Here are a few select choices of high-quality spiritual art from our website. 

1. Tree of Life

One of the most beautiful things about the physical world is the existence of trees. Although they may seem mundane due to how often we see them, the beauty and complexity of trees are often very underrated. One of the best practices of mindfulness is to examine and seek to understand the beauty surrounding us. One way that you can do that is to really, really look at trees and appreciate their beauty. Becoming mindful of beauty even in the most normal of places is incredibly important for developing a sense of beauty and appreciation for the world. 

As the artist states in the description of this illustration, “Trees are one of few things that naturally come in every color imaginable. This is a visual representation of when you combine all those colors together.” Trees have a very complex and intense beauty. 

There are no two trees that are totally alike, yet they all stand with such firmness in the earth. Trees are solid, stalwart, and not easily moved. This is an example that can be placed for many people who are looking for inner peace. Seeking to be as strong and steady yet beautiful is a very worthy aspiration, and one that will bring a lot of success to one’s mental clarity in life. 

The colors of the trees are exaggerated in a way that displays their true beauty. Through this depth of color, the tree displays what it truly means to be beautiful yet strong and confident in oneself at the same time. It’s essential to follow the example of the tree all the way into fruition. Hold onto the beauty that trees have, and lean on their elegance power as an example of self-expression and personal understanding. 

2. Heavenly Bliss, by Bart Cooper

One of the most common ways that people who seek out spirituality interact with their inner self is through yoga. Even people who aren’t spiritual will often practice yoga simply for the health and fitness benefits that it provides. It can help relieve stress, physical injuries, and make the body stronger in the face of health difficulties. It’s not always easy at first for people who lack considerable amounts of flexibility, but as time goes on, they will grow to understand the benefits and help that yoga provides. 

This illustration by brilliant artist Bart Cooper displays yoga at its finest. It is a practice that is built around finding one’s own strengths and weaknesses and then working on areas that need help. It’s all about the progressive development of a person’s own body and mind, and it enables them to grow in ways that are beautiful and helpful. Yoga can lead to increased heart health, more energy, and a better mood, and it can even help a person manage stress in a healthier way. There are few things that help the human body in more versatile ways than yoga. 

No matter what one believes about the spiritual realm, the practice of yoga can make huge impacts on the quality of life that someone has. Taking care of one’s body is, in turn, taking care of your mind. The two are very interlinked, and so fighting to make sure one is in a better place is critical to moving forward in many areas of life. Check out yoga as a solution next time you’re feeling down or feel like you need to move forward and up in your life. It can be a good stepping stone to something great. 

3. Ink Line, by Jarod Farver

Many people find lots of peace in the creation and observation of abstract art. Often, people who are trying to be more mindful and aware of their surroundings tend to want to observe things with more intensity. Abstract art encourages deep observation. The purpose of the art can often be inaccessible in the first viewing of the art. This encourages people to try and look deeper into what the art means and allows them to move their mindsets forward in a way that can encourage better understanding of themselves. 

Modern art can be lacking in clarity, but for people who live in a world of spirituality, the lack of pure clarity is part of what makes the art so appealing. Few other art forms allow people to draw their own conclusions when observing a piece of art. But abstract art encourages this mindset and allows the meanings and definitions to express themselves through the viewer’s interpretation. Abstract artists want people to see all the different colors in brand new waysand find the answers that they are looking for however they want. 

This particular piece of art by brilliant artist Jarod Farver is an excellent example of well-made abstract art. Even in the midst of all the lack of clarity, there is obvious attention to detail and texture that really sets this piece apart from many others. It is a piece that allows the viewer to understand it however they want to. This is a beautiful way for even non-artists to express themselves and find peace in the art that they see. While most art is only created once, abstract art can be created again inside of a mind every time it is observed. That is part of what makes abstract art such a great provider of peace. 


There are countless ways for people to look for peace. It can be in the way that someone will look for meaning and purpose in something mundane, exercise their bodies to find a better connection with themselves, or look to the unknown to find the answers they’re looking for. 

If you’re looking for peace, these pieces can help you find the answers you’re looking for. Check out Canvas Cultures when looking for the best way that you can find to move forward in your life with peace. 



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