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Get a Little Bit of Pop and a Whole Lot of Culture With These 4 Art Pieces

Get a Little Bit of Pop and a Whole Lot of Culture With These 4 Art Pieces

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Anybody who lives in the modern world gets a taste of pop culture in their daily lives. It is lexically defined as “cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people.” By its very definition, pop culture is something that appeals to as many people as possible. It’s a culture that is based on the people; it’s created by, for, and through regular people who want to do incredible things. Its nature is one that focuses on how to appeal to people through whatever means is relevant. 

Popular culture spreads into the jokes that people tell, the clothes they wear, and the media they consume. It’s all about the things that make up the world and culture that we live in and how it moves and evolves as time goes on. Pop culture is the product of what people want to see and the ideas that go beyond simple concepts and become household names all over the world. Pop culture is infectious, delicious, and a part of all of us. 

Of all the many different pieces of pop culture in the history of the world, there are a few products or ideas that have stuck out. These highlights transcend just being a simple fad and move their way into a legendary status achieved by very few. Artists have often held onto these brilliant ideas and made art with them. Artists like Andy Warhol have spent considerable amounts of time investigating and displaying the beauty that lives within pop culture. These masterpieces of aesthetic and mass appeal have become massively popular, transcending cultural boundaries. 

Here are a few examples of the ways in which artists have held onto the beauty that can be found within pop culture. Many people believe that in order to be pop, the idea or product has to be shallow and something that just appeals to the lowest common denominator. This is incorrect, and that can be displayed in the truly masterful pieces of fashion, comedy, and products that have become legendary mainstays in the world of pop culture. 

1. Chucks, by Bart Cooper

There are few pieces of clothing that are as iconic as Converse All-Star High Tops. These are shoes that have been worn by everyone, from basketball players to rock stars to time-traveling aliens. The canvas shoe, first designed in 1917, has grown to be known as an affordable shoe that never skimps on quality. These shoes almost always deliver that same sense of utilitarian class that is deliciously appealing to so many people. According to statistics, roughly 60% of all Americans have owned or currently own a pair of these iconic shoes. It’s a sense of fashion that has the genius design that can stretch its appeal all the way from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor. 

These shoes began their current existence functioning as athletic shoes, primarily used for basketball. As time has worn on, however, these shoes have come to be recognized as shoes for everyone, no matter their athletic ability or preferences. These shoes have become synonymous with versatility due to the fairly minimalistic design that allows them to fit into almost any outfit or aesthetic. These shoes can find a home anywhere from a rock show’s stage to the sidewalk of the city street. 

There are very few places where this shoe doesn’t epitomize the very essence of quality. When it comes down to it, the Converse All-Star has become the shoe against which almost all other sneakers are measured up. This masterpiece by genius Chuck Taylor has gone on to become a legendary shoe, remaining highly relevant, even over a century after its inception into the world of popular sneakers. This incredible design pays homage to the staying power of the brilliantly understated shoe. 

2. Trust in Chuck, by David Clemmensen

You’ve probably heard a few Chuck Norris jokes in your time. Maybe you’ve even told a few. Either way, the name Chuck Norris is one that is synonymous with power and strength in a dignified and classy way. The American martial artist, actor, and philanthropist has become a household name, even if people today don’t remember him for his original claims to fame. This massive rise in popularity as the internet was growing has catapulted Carlos Ray Norris from being just another actor and martial artist to being a literal legend in the modern world. 

Chuck Norris first began his fame as a renowned martial artist. He was a highly-skilled fighter who fought incredibly hard, and his losses were few and far between. He always operated in a way that was honorable, which won the hearts of many onlookers, and gave him the approval of many fans. Riding off of his successful fighting career, he slowly worked his way into Hollywood and became a well-known actor in movies that involved fighting. This was when people started to recognize Chuck Norris as a legend, and he started gaining the mythical status that he holds today. 

Around 2005, at the beginning of the rise of the internet, the iconic Chuck Norris jokes started rising in popularity. These incredibly hyperbolic statements about the greatness, strength, and seeming infinite power that Chuck Norris beheld became a commonplace part of humor in the early days of the web. These jokes skyrocketed Chuck Norris back into the spotlight and showed his true colors as a modern American hero with a backstory to prove his worth. While the jokes might be (slightly) exaggerated, the quality and popular staying power of this man is not. This design displays Chuck in the battle-ready and prepared stance that he is legendary for and remains in the public pop culture consciousness. 

3. The Name’s Bond, by Melting Waves

“The name's Bond. James Bond.” There are few more iconic movie quotes. The prevalence of the James Bond series has rarely dipped out of the public consciousness since its inception in the late 1950s. His iconic name and abilities in the lore of comics and movies have grown more and more legendary as time has passed. There are very few science fiction fantasies that have made as much of an impact on modern culture as that of the legendary agent, double-O seven. 

The first place that James Bond stepped into the world was through comics. These were enthralling and thrilling stories, and they propagated a long list of movies and other pieces of film and music history. The iconic horn intro to the James Bond theme song has permeated through many places in pop culture and is surely one of the most popular and recognizable theme songs in the world. Even new songs that are composed for new releases into the world of James Bond have a pattern of winning a Grammy each for the best original song for a work every time they are released. 

This iconic character and movie legend has forever changed the pop culture environment that he lives in and is displayed brilliantly in this incredible illustration

4. Winning Bar

Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the best and most iconic stories of all time. Everyone wants some more chocolate in their life, and the fantasies and legends that are described in this book have created a more permanent spot in people’s memories. This story has made its way into films, plays, music, and even the food that many people can find on the shelves of their local stores. The chocolate that comes from That legendary candy factory has made its way into almost every place in the world, in one way or another. 

One of the most memorable and exciting parts of the story is when Charlie received that golden ticket in the beginning. This sets him up for a whole lifetime’s worth of adventure and chocolate, the two things that much of the rest of the story is about. It’s a breathtaking journey through a mysterious candy factory which is just as legendary inside the book as it is on the outside. There are few places as well detailed as the factory and few characters as brilliant and exciting as the venerable Willy Wonka himself. 

It’s an incredibly well-written story, appealing to countless people of all ages over the years. The legends of this specific ticket have found their way into this illustration, displaying that excellently designed golden ticket. If you’re looking for your very own golden ticket, don’t hesitate to find it right here! 



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