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How to Add Greenery to Your Art Home Decor

How to Add Greenery to Your Art Home Decor

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Almost every house can use a little more greenery. In a world where most people spend a vast majority of their time indoors, getting a little bit more of the outside world inside can make a whole world of change for people. Plants are often just seen as an aesthetic benefit, but the reality is, indoor plants and greenery can often make or break the living space that a person resides in. Beyond that, there are tons of other physical and psychological benefits that come with indoor plants. It’s a huge way that people can improve their living conditions. 

But just putting plants haphazardly around a house is often not the best solution. Taking care of live greenery requires continual and intentional maintenance to ensure that the plants stay healthy and keep thriving. You have to be intentional with how you treat plants and greenery so that there is as much color and life as possible. It can be difficult to maintain, but the results that will show up in countless areas make all the confusion and struggle worth the effort. 

Why Have Plants Indoors?

Many benefits come with having indoor plants, and a lot of them come in the form of psychological benefits. This is likely mostly because people are made to live in close proximity to nature. It can be hard, especially if you have a job that doesn’t allow you to go outside very often, or if you don’t live in an area where there’s a lot of nature to explore. But it is worth it to try to offset those difficulties by surrounding oneself with as much nature as is possible. 

There are many specific psychological benefits caused by plants that can help a person in their daily life. First of all, plants can help to reduce stress levels. Studies show that when a person surrounds themselves with plants when indoors, there are many biological benefits for the human body. Blood pressure is lowered, heart rate is more steady, and stress responses are diminished. People in general just feel much more relaxed and at peace when in close proximity to indoor plants. It may seem simple, but when it really comes down to it, plants can have a very positive effect on a person’s stress levels. 

Another study showed that people who put plants in their workspaces tended to be more productive in their work. There weren’t necessarily any massive improvements, but through consistent testing, the improvements were made very quickly apparent. Plants have a very important effect on making the workplace a more pleasant place for people to work, as well as more productive. This psychological effect can be especially important to people who spend a lot of time working from home and need help motivating themselves to work as hard as they would in an office setting. 

Another important health benefit applies more to the physical health of the body. Plants have been scientifically proven to help improve the quality of air in a space. This can be essential if a person is used to living in a place that generally has a lower quality of air. But just by the nature of the plants themselves and how they process the air around them, they tend to clean the air. This can make plants a very important part of maintaining a healthy physical environment when living indoors a majority of the time. Various low-grade toxins and allergens can enter the air and slowly start to have an effect on the things that the body is breathing in. To stop those negative effects, plants can help with an important list of benefits. 

The human body is made to live in nature. As comfortable as internal living is, it’s technically not in the nature of the human body to live apart from plants. Maintaining close contact and proximity with plants can lead to lots of benefits in life, as well as overall increases in a person’s quality of life. 

How Do You Take Care of Plants?

There are many different rules that come along with taking care of plants. Each plant that a person owns will often have a different preferred water cycle, amount of needed sunlight, and room to grow in the dirt. It can be hard to balance all the different ways that plants need to be specifically cared for, but if the rules and guidelines are followed, it can result in a large success for many plant owners, as well as their health. Learning the basics of how to take care of plants is something that can help plant owners to know what to do with their own plants. 

The general rules of maintaining the health of different plants generally stay the same, no matter which plant you might have. While the levels of care that plants require are often different, it is still very important to ensure that the plant health is maintained. The specific needs of different plants can usually be found on the internet, so feel free to look up the specific plants you have and write down any unusual or unique requirements that they might have. This will help to maintain a healthy and sustainable living environment for all your plants. 

Here are some of the general rules to maintaining indoor plants: 

Keep the Soil Moist

Often, people can tend to either over-water or under-water their plants. Plants require an environment that has enough water, but they can also easily be drowned by an excess amount of water. Learning how to give the plant a correct balance in the amount of water that it uses is essential for good plant growth and health. This can be a practice of trial and error, so make sure to get this down before you buy any plants that are going to cost too much money! 

Keep the Plant Near a Light Source

Plants live off of sunlight. It’s a process called photosynthesis that allows plants to convert the energy of sunlight into their own chemical energy. If a plant isn’t near the sun, it will likely starve and slowly shrivel up and die. Making sure that a plant is close to the sun is essential in giving the plant the best chances of surviving and thriving in your house! 

The general best option is to put the plant close to a window because the sun generally does the best when it comes to free and easy-to-use light sources. So line your plants up by the windows! 

Make sure the Plant’s Pot has Drainage Holes

Often, excessive water in a plant’s living space can be harmful to the plant and lead to many different issues with the plant’s survival. Focusing on giving the plant ways to lose extra water through drainage holes is essential when maintaining a plant’s health. 

Where Can Greenery Go in a Home?

When it comes to choosing what kind of greenery you want in your home, it’s important to understand where it will go. For many houses, the windows and window sills tend to be very opportune for the location of plants. First, because they help to make sure that the plants get enough sunlight, but also because it’s simply just aesthetically pleasing. It is essential to make sure that no matter where the plant is, it is in close proximity to the light that will give the plant sustainable and healthy energy. 

It is also essential to know that plants work very well when framing and accentuating other features and displays in a house. Surrounding a gorgeous canvas with plants can give a whole new level of aesthetic depth and interest that the object wouldn’t have had otherwise. 

These plants can go all sorts of places, from garlands hung up like pictures, carts for all sorts of different plants, and around mirrors. These will give the original object a much more exciting and vibrant glow and give your living space a truly warm and exciting feeling. Plants take nature and bring it wherever they are, which is essential to livening up any living space. 

If you are looking for artwork that would go well with a high-quality canvas, look no further than Canvas Cultures. We offer all kinds of canvas prints for any person’s aesthetic and tastes and long to help bring aesthetic beauty to all kinds of people. Check out the different collections that we have: these different genres of art are all made by independent artists who are incredibly gifted and talented. If you’re looking for a way to accentuate your house’s natural beauty, combine those plants with Canvas Cultures, and you’ll be well on your way to an aesthetically gorgeous house! 



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