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Spruce Up Your Walls with Personalized Canvases

Spruce Up Your Walls with Personalized Canvases

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Many different things aesthetically appeal to different people. Some people prefer to have their own pictures on walls, and some love to surround themselves with inspirational phrases and quotes. There are countless different tastes and genres of art that appeal to different people. One picture might be the centerpiece of one person’s home, while it may not even make it onto a wall in another person’s house. The subjectivity of art is one of the best things about the medium; everyone can love what they want to love. 

Due to this ever-changing nature of art in general, there really is no art that will definitely appeal to all people. Many artists have created works with mass appeal, and that takes a massive amount of skill. But even the pieces of art that have an incredibly wide, diverse appeal may not be all that interesting to people who are more interested in the more minute details of artistic creation. This makes it very difficult to find art in a world that may not agree with the aesthetic preferences of a person. 

Here at Canvas Cultures, we understand that in a very deep way. We know that one person’s masterpiece is another’s splash of color and shapes. Some people find massive amounts of depth in abstract art, while others only see distorted strangeness. That is just the nature of art. It’s a beautiful thing, but it can also be hard for people with very specific tastes. 

That’s why we created the option to have a personalized canvas created exactly to your design specifications, with whatever you want on it. If you love art but struggle to find pieces that speak to you, this is your solution. 

How Do I Get a Custom Canvas?

Here at Canvas Cultures, our goal is to empower and enable people to see whatever they want visually through a canvas. This is why it is so important to make canvases that are customizable and accessible to anyone. Not everyone has the means to print whatever they want in a high-quality, efficient, and beautiful way. That’s why the personalized canvas option exists; because only you know exactly what you want. If you don’t love any of the existing options on our site, we want to make sure that you can create a canvas that will represent your taste in as true of a way as possible. 

The custom canvas is one of our most popular products, and so making it easily accessible and highly visible to people is one of our highest priorities. We want anyone who needs a custom canvas to very easily see the way that they can get just what they want. 

Decide Whether You Want a Frame

First, you are presented with the option of either regular canvas or a canvas and a black frame. If you want to match your frames to other frames that you already have in your home, or if you’re not sure whether you want a frame at all, you can skip it. For more minimalistic styles, removing the frame will help to make sure the overall look remains as simple as possible. It also means that you could switch the frame as time goes on, if it became damaged or you redecorated in a different style. 

However, installing one of our frames is also a great option, because the canvas will be entirely protected from the second it leaves the factory, and you don’t have to do any extra work. Frames have many benefits for the durability of a canvas, because they help to reinforce and hold together the canvas, even in the roughest conditions. A good quality frame will be minimal and stay out of the way of the canvas art that lies underneath. 

Decide What Size Canvas You Want

After the frame decision has been made, the next step is to decide what the size of the canvas will be. There are many different possibilities, depending on the orientation of the piece of art, as well as the size of the space that you’ll be putting it in. As a buyer of the canvas, it is important to have a good idea of where the canvas is going to be because if you buy a canvas that is too large or too small, it can be frustrating and disappointing. Scope out your location and measure out how large the canvas should be in proportion to the size of the empty space. 

Once the size is decided, it is time to upload the art for the canvas. This is the part where the website will receive the artwork that will be on the custom-made canvas. It is important to make sure that the art is exactly how you want it to be so that there are no issues once you receive the product. Custom-made pieces cannot be returned, so it is very important to focus on getting everything right the first time around. 

After that, what follows is the rest of the process that goes into getting the canvas to you as soon as possible. It takes some time to print a canvas, but it isn’t too long. Once the canvas is fully ready to go, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. 

What Can I Put on a Custom Canvas?

Anything your heart desires! These are blank slates for everyone, and it’s a place where you can express yourself and put yourself on display. Here are some ideas for things that you can put on your canvas. 

Family Pictures

Everyone loves a good family picture. Using our custom canvases, you can display your favorite pictures that you and your family have taken over the years. It can be from a professional shoot or even just an off-handed photo from a smartphone. Whatever photo you feel best represents the love and joy that your family has can be put onto a canvas. 

The high-quality materials that we use and the high-quality workmanship that we have on our team make for the highest quality canvases that we know of. This will ensure that your favorite family portraits will last for a lifetime, and perhaps even longer! 

Inspirational Quotes

Often, the only person who knows how to motivate you the best is yourself. Surrounding yourself with reminders of who you are and what you need to do is an essential part of staying inspired to keep moving forward. 

Putting these quotes down into a way to make graphic designs and then surrounding yourself with them is an incredible way to boost your confidence and self-esteem. It’s incredibly important to remind yourself of why you do what you do, and so putting these phrases and ideas on canvases can help you to keep moving forward, even when the going gets tough. 

Your Own Art

Another amazing idea for any artist or aspiring creator is to put up your own art onto canvases. Surround yourself with the images and pieces of art that you are most proud of can help to inspire yourself, and it also makes it easier for other people to see your artwork. This is massively important for so many artists. 

It also grants the ability to possibly sell your artwork because our canvases are made of museum-quality materials that you’ll be proud to see your work displayed on. This is a huge benefit that most places can’t and won’t offer. So if you want your art to really stand out from the crowd, work with us, and we will get your art recreated in the best way possible! 


The Canvas Cultures personal canvas is an incredible option for those who really want to decorate their homes in a unique way. Even though we work with many incredible independent artists, sometimes the only artist who will give you what you want is yourself. We are well aware of that, and so we want to make sure that you can create exactly what you want. Using our custom canvas tool, you too can be a published artist in any way that you want! 



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