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Turn Your Newborn Baby Pictures into Art

Turn Your Newborn Baby Pictures into Art

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One of the most exciting parts of anyone’s life is the birth of their children. It is a thrilling experience that is the start of an incredible journey of parenthood and the growth of an entirely new life. Children bring lots of excitement and joy to their parents’ lives and can entirely change the way that a person feels and lives. It’s a massive milestone in anyone’s lifeand often a huge turning point to many bigger and better things for the parents. Not to mention that newborn babies are just adorable

So, it makes perfect sense to try and document the months and days surrounding the birth of your children. Every child is only young once, and nostalgia for those first days can often be extremely sweet to remember. 

Creating photos to display this special milestone and time period is something that will be cherished for many years and decades to come. There are a few ways to do this, which will enable parents to have the best and most high-quality and vivid memories of their newborn children for years and years. Here are the best practices in documenting your children in their earliest stages and helping to capture that memory in the best way possible! 

Graduate From Your Cell Phone

Almost everyone these days has a cell phone. It’s one of the most essential tools for modern life, and it gives access to countless services. You can access the entire internet in your pocket, share all kinds of digital media with countless people, and maintain steady communication with anyone in the world. But perhaps the most important and exciting feature of phones is that they all have cameras at this point. As years have passed, the quality of these cameras has gotten consistently better, and grown to a point where most photos end up looking pretty decent. 

However, as phone camera technology has advanced, so has the technology in cameras outside of the phone world. Companies like Canon, Nikon, and Fujifilm have slowly but surely been growing their quality of cameras to places almost unheard of. 

While phone cameras can get the job done in most circumstances, they will never look as good as an actual camera used by a person who knows how to operate one. The interchangeable lenses, much bigger light sensors, and countless other features set actual cameras far apart from the average phone camera. Even the best of the best phone cameras will never come close to the detail, clarity, and depth that actual DSLR or mirrorless cameras can make. 

Of course, many of the cameras made by large companies come with a price tag that is far outside of the price range of the average person. It might not make sense to spend several thousand dollars on a camera, especially if the buyer doesn’t know exactly how much they will use it. But in the past several years, these large camera companies have spent lots of research and development into creating cameras that can fit into almost any budget. The sub-$600 range of digital cameras specifically has exploded over the past years and has many contenders within the price range that will perform exceptionally well. Even these more moderately priced cameras can have a massive impact on the end pictures and make the pictures look incredible, especially compared to smartphone cameras. 

Hire a Photographer

Of course, one of the most important parts of a picture tends to be the person who takes it. Even in the social media world filled with amazing phone photographers, it’s often really difficult to find a person who has the training and dedication to quality that professional photographers have. These are people who have invested extensive time and money into making sure their quality is always the best. They often have very high-quality cameras, extensive knowledge of how to compose a professional and intimate shot, and can maintain a high level of candid intimacy that many of the best pictures have. 

Where are these photographers found? They can come from all over. Odds are good that almost everyone is in close proximity to a few excellent photographers. Asking around your communities can often draw your attention to a few specific people who other people can recommend and stand for. These are often the same people that are photographing weddings, sporting events, and other similar social functions. 

Reach out to these people through social media, because odds are extremely good that they will have an Instagram or Facebook account where they show off their work and portfolio. Finding one that you feel best suits your needs is important, so have a look around, and find which one works best for you! 

These photographers are often familiar with the best camera positions, practices, and skillsets that will ensure that your newborn baby pictures will go beyond the realm of simple photography and into the world of actual art. These will be photographs that are worthy of not only being posted to social media but being turned into wall canvases, photo albums, and other high-quality ways of displaying your children. The average person can use what they have to take pictures that are good, but a professional photographer has the capability and equipment to take pictures that are consistently great. 

Displaying Your Pictures on Social Media

Often, the main reason why people take baby pictures is that they want to remember the days and months around the first moments of a person’s life. But another prime reason why people want to take baby pictures is so that they can share them and display them in countless places. Sharing these massive parts of one’s life is one of the most exciting things that a person can do because it allows countless other people to share in the excitement as well. Everyone loves being able to see the newborn children of their loved ones, and social media avenues like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are excellent ways to do that. 

To share these pictures, it is important to know how to edit photos. This can mean all sorts of things, from knowing how to fix color details in a photo to being able to create collages. This can be done in a variety of ways, using either someone’s smartphone or computer. There are dozens of excellent photo editors that are available for almost any digital platform. Some are free, and some cost a little bit of money. But the most important thing is knowing how they work. Once you understand the fundamentals of photo editing, the rest of the details just fall into place. It’s a fairly simple process, and the more specific and finer details can often be figured out with the help of online resources like YouTube. 

Creating Prints of Your Child’s Photos

One of the most high-quality and professional ways to display and remember the photos of your newborn is to create canvas prints. This is how museums and galleries display their artwork, and it can be the way that you do too! Using Canvas Cultures, it’s easy to create custom-made canvases with your own specific artwork on them. We are a company that is based around trying to capture and display the most important and memorable parts of people’s lives, and we would love to help you create canvas prints of the special moments surrounding your child’s first days and weeks of life! 

The first step is to go to our website and go to the personalized order page. From here, you can pick the size, shape, and image that you want. Our printing team at Canvas Cultures will take exactly what you want intoconsideration and make a very high-quality canvas print that fits what you specify. It’s our goal to make you happy, and we’d love to bring these incredible prints to life for you! 

The first months of a life are the most important to capture because they only come once and are so fleeting. The pictures that are captured are ones that you will look at for the rest of your life and might even pass on to generations following you. Everyone wants to see what their parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents looked like as infants. Using our canvas prints that are made to last a lifetime, you can make sure that for decades, people will be able to see what your child looked like in their first moments. 



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